Stop Missing Everything

Dear FlyLady,

I would like for you to know what a lifesaver your office-in-a-bag has been for me!

I rarely do testimonials, but this is a product that I love and is well worth every penny!

I bought this office-in-a bag probably more than a year ago, and I have used it consistently for the last 6-8 months. At first, I just used it at home to keep my control journal and my lists. I will admit that the habit of using a control journal as well as the office-in-a-bag was slow-going.

It was hard to break years of bad habits and replace them with good habits. But, as I was tired of missing appointments, tired of late bills, tired of turning in paperwork late to my childrens’ schools, etc., I began to think that I should lug this around with me nearly everywhere. And I do! It is a permanent part of me that I don’t want to part with. It is either with me in the car, in the office, or at home on my kitchen counter (aka command central).

Lately, I have been using it as I prepare for my upcoming wedding (second marriage). It holds my planning checklists, calendars, wedding vendor contracts, address book, stamps, envelopes, address stickers, wedding guest lists, wedding planning photos, as well as my normal monthly bills and occasionally paperwork that needs to be returned to school. I can’t tell you how much this has come in handy for me!

Whenever I am at work and have some free time, out comes my wedding planning lists or bills that I need to enter into my online bill pay.

It also accompanies me to my childrens’ doctors appointments. It has organized by life to the point where I can actually function without living in chaos, even though I have a million things to do at home and for the wedding!

Thank you so much for all that you do for us ladies with self-diagnosed ADD!

FlyBaby S in South Boston, Virginia


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