Pink Water

Dear FlyLady,

I finally overcame my concerns to order the purple rags and the water bottle… good thing I did. I already owned the Rubba Scrubba, Swisha and Sweepa, but since I live in Europe I felt silly to order cleaning rags and a bottle from overseas. Anyway, I did, they arrived yesterday.I cleaned my bathroom, my stovetop, my glass top tables, some windowsills, my computer screen, my kitchen cabinet doors… well you get the picture. Had to wash them a second time only a few hours after receiving them *LOL*

And that bottle!!! I LOVELOVELOVE it. I’ve drank almost too much, just because I liked it so much!

Now, about the pink water. No, it was not the rags staining. After a while I got bored with drinking “just water” and I do want to lose some body clutter so juice is not the alternative. I didn’t want to go for tea, because of the caffeine, so I thought about other alternatives. Ice! Then I ran out of ice cubes and there they were: frozen raspberries. They cool my water, they give me some flavor, and eventually I will eat a handful of berries! I bet it works with grapes and strawberries or other frozen fruit, too – thanks for the wide mouth to fill!

Can’t wait for Monday to go to the local market and pick up some fruit!

Thank you for all you do, Flybaby Kat from Vienna, Austria

FlyLady Here: Kat, I am so proud of you. Today I reorganized my freezer and noticed some bags of frozen raspberries. I think I will try this tomorrow. This is such a great idea.


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