No More Sore Arms

401a711a-e67c-46e8-8c94-b5f7bf624405Dear FlyLady and Team,

I just have to write and tell you my experience this morning!

A couple times a year, I go into our medical clinic for routine blood tests. Usually it is an ordeal as the lab technicians have to poke around in both arms to find a vein that will pop up and work. This resulted in sore arms for a few days afterward.

But today, the technician was delighted that a vein popped up right away. No problems. She and I discussed what the change might be. She said it may be because you are well hydrated. I replied with how I am regularly drinking much more water with my FlyLady water bottle that I keep filled with nice stay-cool water.

So you see, it does benefit your whole body and its blood supply and circulation! Thank you so much! Drink up!

FlyBaby in Wisconsin

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