I Can’t Wait To Do Laundry

Dear FlyLady,

The laundry habit is not one that I have many troubles with any more. We have 2 big German Shepherds that shed a lot – 365 days a year. If I do not complete a load of laundry all the way to putting it away, it will be covered in dog hair and will have to be put through the wash again.The one thing I have had issues with is keeping the laundry room clean and tidy. Old clothes that no one wears anymore get thrown there, and piles of blankets that get used in the winter, but not in the summer seem to collect there for months until I get around to washing them and putting them away. Something as simple as having a trash can in that room is something I have never kept up with which means little lint wads from the dryer lint trap sit on the dryer, or get blown off and float around the basement.Well, I have used this months habit as an excuse to get control of the clutter in the laundry room. It took me 15 minutes to get rid of everything that is no longer worn, I saved 4 blankets (one for each family member) and donated the rest, gathered up all of the lint and empty detergent bottles and tossed them and I have put an old bucket with a trash bag in it next to the dryer. Once the 4 blankets are finished ( they are washing right now) and I give my machines a quick wipe down, my laundry room will be completely clean. 15 mins? yes, that is all it took! I can’t wait to do my laundry tomorrow!

P.S. I have just ordered your dryer cleaner, as that is the one thing I will have left to do!

Thank you
FlyBaby, Edmonton, Alberta


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