Find Out What’s Behind Your Failure

I’ve slashed the price of my program, Get Your Acts Together, only because I have changed the adjective for my inner child. I no longer call Nelly a brat, and I decided to discontinue the program, because that’s how I refer to her in it. That decision to change how I refer to her caused me to slash the price of the program from $24.99 to $5 in my Clearance Store. Now you can have it for just five dollars plus postage and handling. Here’s an email from a woman who has taken advantage of my clearance price.

Dear Pam,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to buy your books and CDs that you’ve discontinued. I loved the reason you quit selling The Get Your Acts Together CD and DVD. Yes, you no longer use the word brat to describe Nellie, but the essence of your teaching remains. This program has not only introduced me to my inner child, it has changed the way I think! I’m now alert to sabotaging thoughts that undermine my plans whether they come to staying on budget, staying on my eating plan or staying with my daily cleaning routine to keep my home in order. I love my inner child Torrey. I’m really able to get her to go along with my intentions more often than not.

Thank you!

To purchase the Get Your Acts Together program in my clearance store, Click Here!

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