God is Expanding Our Family

Dear Friends,

This past week has been an amazing walk of faith for me and my family!Paddigraduation

Michele and I took our first road trip since she received the miracle of her life in February! We love our road trips and can’t wait to see what messages God is sending us. We wanted to be with my sister Paddi as she graduated with her PhD in Christian Counseling. The graduation service was being held at Abba’s House in Hixson Tennessee.

But first….

My sister has worked so hard on her degree; I have not always understood why she needed this but I knew that God was pushing her to take the work we have done together and merge it into a treatment program for women.

But first….

I needed to drive to Birmingham Alabama to meet someone who God had put in my life for some reason.

But first….
I have to tell you this little story. In 2009, God through Ancestry.com found our baby brother, Clifton. When we first met him he told us of his journey to find his family. I told him he had four sisters. He said he had found a birth certificate for a sister named Susan. I explained that we did not have a sister named Susan. I keep that in the back of my head. I kept looking on Ancestry.com to find her. I searched Facebook.

But first….

I have to tell you what happened around the 4th of July on 2016. My sister Deena was contacted on Facebook by someone who was searching for our father. This lady also contacted our Facebook Page too. I started talking to this lady because I am the oldest and the bossy one in the family. This lady said she had a friend who was looking for a man named William Arnold Watson. He was on her birth certificate as being her father but she did not know anything about him. She wanted to go on a mission trip and needed some important information about him.

But first….

I needed to be talking with this lady’s friend not her. I felt like God had just answered a prayer. He had Susan to get in touch with us. Susan started to correspond with me on Facebook. She had no family. Her mom had gone to Heaven in 2010. She had given her life to Christ and an ordained minister. She was feeling drawn to this mission trip but she needed a passport. The application had a lot of questions that she could not answer.

But first….
Susan was scared! She wanted to be sure we were family. She did not want to get her hopes up. I asked her to send me a picture of herself. She started sending me pictures. I knew immediately that she was our sister. Just as I had known Clifton was our brother. Clifton looked just like me! Susan was the spitting image of our sister Paddi! So to appease her fears she did a DNA test from 23andMe.com.

But first…..

We waited for the results! I didn’t need to wait but she wanted to be sure. LAST WEEK WE GOT THE RESULTS! WE ARE SISTERS!

But first….

Let me go back a little. Susan told me about her work and had me look at what they do at the LoveLady Center. I read the book her boss, Miss Brenda had written about how she and God had developed the LoveLady Ministry.

But first….

I wanted Susan to go with us to Paddi’s Graduation. I asked if she could take off work to go with us to Chattanooga. She works at the LoveLady Center in Birmingham.

But first….

Michele and I had to drive to Birmingham to meet Susan for the first time! We put Miss Brenda’s Book on and started to listen! Michele was blown away by the story!

We finally got to the LoveLady Center! And there she was! Our new sister!

I knew that our connection was much more than our blood. Our missions are parallel. I believe with all my heart that FlyLady and LoveLady are connected by our Holy Father. There are no accidents. God has a plan for us. We don’t have to see the top of the staircase to take the first step! This was a quote in Miss Brenda’s book from Martin Luther King, Jr. I have quoted this many times.

Miss Brenda, is changing lives. They are making her book into a movie. Our new sister is a graduate of the LoveLady Center! She works with them. She is feeling drawn to go to Bible College. I know God has big plans for her life. Everyone should read Miss Brenda’s Book. Please pray for her as she recovers from illness! God is so good!

What has God got in store for your life? Are you hearing His calling for you! Is the Clutter and CHAOS in your life keeping you from following His message for your life. My sister, Paddi heard His urging every step of her degree. My sister Susan is following the God Breezes He has been sending her way! If I had not gotten the clutter and CHAOS out of my life; I would not have been able to hear him pushing me to be FlyLady. I know you have something you are supposed to do. As long as clutter and CHAOS is reigning in your life;  you will not be able to follow the path God has set for you!

I love you all!


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