I Can Never Find the Leak

 Dear FlyLady, 
 Everyone raves about your water bottles but I find a big problem with them. They seem to leak but I can never find a puddle.

My water bottle always seems to be empty and I need to refill it 5-6times a day. I never had to do that with my old water bottles. I also think the small bottles are a waste of time. The water disappears way too quick. OF COURSE the above problems are linked directly to the fact that the water is always cold, so it is nice to drink the water, so I do finish the bottle. With other water bottles, the water would get warm and I would find I just didn’t finish the water and often would not bother refilling. My kids also love the water bottles. Especially that they can fill it up before school, not get their backpack wet, and when they do their sports activity after school, the water is still cold. THEY are great. I tell everyone about them and I will be ordering more.

Thanks for a great product.

North Bay, Canada

FlyLady here: I think this is a great problem to have! LOL I seem to have to be filling my my water bottle a lot too! I love drinking cold water!

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