Less is More

Dear Friends,

Last night I was watching  news and they did a story about our heavy purses. Check it out for yourself if you missed it.

I thought I would rerun this essay for you. I know your purses are too heavy.

Is your purse so heavy that it hurts your shoulder to wag it? Is your purse dragging you down! As SHEs we tend to feel out of control unless we have all the stuff we might need at our finger tips. When you look into your purse is it a bottomless pit that you are unable to find what you are looking for! Has your purse become a hot spot that is turning into a black hole?

My purse used to be just like yours. The bigger the better! You could say I carried a diaper bag and I didn’t have a baby. Why do we do this to ourselves?

As my life has become more organized I don’t have to carry as many items with me. Less is more has become my mantra. Let me look in my purse and tell you what I have in it. I have my wallet, a small purse organizer, and a plastic medicine box. That is all I need.

Everything I put in my purse is small. My wallet is thin enough that I can put it in my pants pocket and go!

Today is Friday, clean out your purse day; Now go set your timer and clean out your purses!

Less is More!


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