BabyStep Your Way To Peace

I believe we are born to be happy, not organized. I loved this email from one of my readers and thought you’d like it.

Dear Pam,

I got your book last week and want you to know that you gave me a gift! Because of your book, I have a new perspective that is both healing and energizing. My de-cluttering is happening in my heart and that has changed the way I see clutter in my home. I am positive getting rid of my clutter will bring me peace and I am actually having fun letting go of stuff I’ve held onto for years! How can I thank you enough for giving me a guide to peace? Today I ordered five books, one for my mom, sister and two close friends who are all Flybabies. The other one is going to be a “loaner,” because I’m not going to let my book out of my hands. I recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with clutter and disorganization. Read this and the struggle will stop.

Rosalie E.

The Joy of Being Disorganized looks at clutter in a brand new way that‘ll help you get it out of your life forever. In the book, I share my 35 years of experience helping SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) get organized. I’ve learned that when we SHEs stop struggling to be something we’re not, we can miraculously find out we’re enough just the way we are.

Celebrating our disorder doesn’t give us license to shirk our responsibilities, it just frees us from being perfectionists and leads us to be organized just enough to be happy. I believe we were born to be happy, not organized.

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