It Tastes Better

 Dear FlyLady,

I love the taste of water but I feel it tastes so much better in your water bottles because the ice keeps the water so refreshing.

I have searched for several recipes for non-cola drinks because I am weaning myself off of sugary drinks. The recipes I have found that I have really enjoyed are the ones that have you add fresh fruits to a gallon of water to get that hint of the fruit. Slices of lime, or strawberries, or blueberries, etc really elevate the water with no additives or sugar.

Since we are working on a lifestyle change I thought this was such a positive way to encourage us to drink more water.

Thank you for all you do! The genuine love you show us. The reminders throughout the day are our GOD Breezes and I just love you for blessing us.

FlyBaby L


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