August Habit #28 A Big Time Saver

Good morning

I have been “flying” for a few months now.  Laundry was always my big problem.  I have two teenage sons and a DH.  All are over 6 feet tall with roughly the same build.  I used to wash all the clothes together.  As the boys grew folding the laundry became very time consuming trying to figure out who’s clothes were who’s. Then the arguments about he stole my whatever would begin.  Now each person has their own laundry basket in their room.  Each day I rotate who’s basket I take to the laundry.  I also have two hampers in the laundry room, one for whites and one for towels.  For example, on Monday I would take my youngest son’s basket.  As I put the clothes in the washing machine I will put the whites in another basket and the towels in another basket.  After his clothes are washed and dried they are put away in his room.  The next day I will do my oldest son’s basket and the next day my husband and mine basket. (Ours are put together, I can tell the difference between mine and his!).  On the fourth day I will do the whites and the fifth day do the towels.  On Saturday and Sunday I do a load of bedding on each day.  Monday I start again.  I have found this to be a big time saver.  No more standing there trying to figure out who’s jeans are who’s.  Thanks for all you do.

Jennifer, flying in Ontario

FlyLady here: Our habit for August is working on Laundry.

A load a day keeps CHAOS away!

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