Back on Track

Dear FlyLady,

I just finished the babysteps and am loving the FlyLady system!

Routines helped me get quickly “back on track” after the long Easter break.  We had company and I indulged in a little too much R & R & let some of my routines go. On the Tuesday after Easter, I was a bit panicked thinking it would take hours to get caught up & “where do I begin?”

But after following the morning routines of swish & swipe, 5 minute room rescue, and putting out hot spots (2 minutes) my house was looking noticeably better in no time. I was a bit stressed about laundry & dishes. Then I realized: I already do one load a day. I only need to do 1 or 2 EXTRA loads over the next 2 days and I’ll be caught up. No need to do all the laundry in the pile today.

Dishes got done & my kids had clean, folded clothes in their drawers for the next day! Victory! In the past I would’ve washed & dried 5 loads of laundry but let it sit clean & wrinkled in the laundry baskets until Saturday.

Thanks to routines, my panic disappeared & I knew exactly what needed to be done & what could wait until the next day.
With gratitude,

new FlyBaby Amy

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