Possible Fire Hazard

Dear FlyLady,

I got my dryer kit in the mail over the weekend. Wow! What fast service! I wasn’t expecting it for another week and a half!

I have had a chimney sweep come and clean out my dryer duct vent every couple years because the duct is very hard to get to and it vents to the outside on the second floor. He’d never clean the inside of the dryer, it wasn’t his job, and I’d never been able to get the lint out of the inside myself except for the lint screen, until now.

I used the 3′ brush for 15 minutes and with every swish I’d pull up more lint. I had no idea that much was in there. I feel so much better now knowing it’s out and not a possible fire hazard. Tonight, I’ll use the vacuum attachment and get the rest.

Thanks for a great product!

FlyBaby k- in Maryland

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