Feather Duster in the Classroom

Dear FlyLady & Crew,

I love using your feather duster. It’s beautiful to look at and works so well. I now look forward to dusting as an almost aesthetic experience!Lately, I’ve discovered a new use for your duster! As a preschool teacher I started letting my students use the duster to dust chairs, upholstery, etc. They are fascinated by its softness.

Then I realized the duster is just perfect for letting the children experience softness when we learn about the sense of touch!

It’s also the best thing to cheer up the group–just tickle the little ones gently with the tips of the feathers and everyone will start giggling and clamoring for more!

Thanks for your wonderful tools and lesson you convey that we FlyBabies are worthy of them!

Flying in Israel


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