I Wish The House Fairy Was Around When My Kids Were Litte

Dear Pam and Peggy,

I wanted to write to the House Fairy and tell you what a difference you have made in our house hold! The house fairy has only been visiting here for about a month and a half but what a difference!  Now, every night before bed, my four children, ages 11 dd, 9 dd, 9 dd, and 7 ds, tell each other it’s time to clean up their rooms because the house fairy might come tonight!  (The house fairy visits here mainly only during the night.) Their bedrooms are now manageable and not the messes they used to be!  I’m not the one hounding them to clean their rooms, they have so much fun cleaning their rooms now.

What I wanted to tell you is, last night, my youngest, 7 yr old son, came out to kitchen on his way to get the broom to sweep his room and he said, “I really love the House Fairy, she’s like part of our family.”

I just had to share that with you:)  Thank you for making such a difference in the way the kids look at cleaning their rooms and their chores and for making it fun for them.  This is very special.

Thank you so much,
Julie in NH


From the House Fairy

Dear Julie,

Thank you for sharing your kind words with me. I love to hear about the difference I make!  Sometimes I have to pinch my-self when I think that 20,000 families are House Fairy families! I’m very busy flying all over the world, but I am continually getting new ideas to help parents motivate their children to get and keep their rooms neat and tidy. In the Super Snuggle Bunny Program I’ve included 3×5 cards with children’s chores printed on them, the Clutter Annihilation Game that controls unconscious clutter, the Good Behavior Ticket Program with House Fairy “money” and the House Fairy’s Songs for Children. I just wish I’d had these tools when my kids were young!

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