I Fluttered and Crashed a lot

Dear FlyLady, 

OK, I am one of those people. I had received your water bottles at least 3 years ago. And I used them now and then but mostly they gathered dust in my drawer. You see I fluttered and crashed…a lot.

That was until I took up riding a motorcycle. I ride in Texas and you can ride all year long but you have to be willing to ride in extremes of temp. And there is nothing like having a drink on your bike that helps to fight of the chill or heat. I first noticed that when I would pull into a gas station for refreshment and refill, that what ever temp drink I would buy…would not stay that way for long. So eventually my hard headed self puzzled and puzzled until finally I remembered my poor forgotten water bottles.

The perfect size for a cup holder, easy removable/replaceable top with one hand, fluid does not spill on my shiny bike, and -most importantly- hot stays hot and cold stays icy cold no matter the outside temp. But……Is that the most important thing? That amazing ability to hold the temp (without sweating and becoming slippery) is not why I have continued to use it faithfully even when not riding my bike.

Did I mention I have 2 kids in college and am a widowed single mom. When all the other riders where going in and dropping cash on drinks at every stop, I just got free ice and water. And most places have free hot water as well for a stored tea or coffee bag and if your into creamer/sugar, that is free as well. I started to realize the money I was saving. It was significant (I ride a lot).

The other riders in the group also asked me where they could get one of my magical bottles. And since I had previously been buying drinks to keep myself alert on my hour commute by car each way to work, I started using my bottle to fill up before I left home/work and began realizing the windfall there as well. Not to mention the health benefit of increased water consumption. So finally the bulb has not only come on but it has stayed lit. This bottle is keeping me more satisfied, healthier and wealthier.

Thank you Flylady.

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