Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor

It’s so fun hearing from my readers who are enjoying the fruits of the 3×5 cardfile system. It’s a great system for breaking down life’s most common household chores into manageable baby steps and the index cards keep it simple and are a great tool for delegating. Here’s an email from a mom who has seen, first hand, how great this system is.

Dear Pam,

Your 3×5 cardfile system is working miracles in our home. The biggest difference is, I don’t have to yak yak yak about what jobs have to be done, because they are on the cards and the kids can’t say, “I didn’t hear you” or “I didn’t know I was supposed to do that!” My husband is even taking more of a part in the housework!!  I downloaded the De-junking video and cardfile program about a year ago and this summer I finally printed up the cards and made the file.  I love the weekly plan we made together as a family (we even had a family meeting to initiate the system).  I know this system has been around for a long time, because my auntie used it with my cousins and their house was always so neat and clean.  My mom and dad were both disorganized so I grew up in a mess and I have struggled to be organized with my family because I don’t like living in a mess. The way this summer is going, it looks like we’ve turned an organized corner!

Thank you!
Pamela T.

The 3×5 cardfile system is easier than ever to use. The download Pamela wrote about is so simple to use. All you need to get started is cardstock, a 3×5 cardfile box and 1-31 dividers for the days in a month. The package I offer is just $14.95 and you get the SHE De-junking video download and the 3×5 card file! Click here to purchase!

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