Hooked Right From the First Page


By B. Moxley “Bea”

I decided to check out Robert’s book because it was mentioned on FlyLady. I clicked on the book icon to read the sample. The prologue didn’t get me, but the first page of Chapter 1 did. I didn’t stop reading until the sample was completed and then I had to buy the book for my Kindle. I started reading it again immediately and read until after 4 am. I haven’t finished the book yet, but if I look at it I am drawn in and can’t stop reading it. This is a really good book!


By Meg

I downloaded this book to my Kindle and I was hooked right from the first page. Even though these old eyes find it hard to read for as long as they used to, I find it hard to put this book down, even to go to bed! The characters are great, the scene setting is really good and yet nothing detracts from the story moving forward, it is a real page turner.


By Karen Bosso

It can be hard to take the chance on a new or self-published author—this one is definitely worth it. There’s intrigue, suspense, adventure, humor, well-drawn characters, history, romance, a complex, yet manageable plot, surprises you don’t see until…. The author’s voice shines through as a natural storyteller. Read the sample, don’t rely on the description–it’s accurate, but doesn’t do it justice. I’m left caring about these characters, which only happens to me when a story draws me completely inside and doesn’t (quite) let all of me go. Is an author’s ability to do that science or magic? You decide.


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