A Much Better Place Now

Dear FlyLady,

I recently ordered FlyLady’s Stainless Water Bottle. I had hesitated about ordering one as I have other water bottles and am trying to be careful about spending money. I’m sorry I ever hesitated!

As a child, I had a cup made out of silver, probably a baby cup, that I loved to drink out of because the water was always nice and cold. I had forgotten all about this cup until I took the first sip from my new water bottle. I absolutely love it!

I am now drinking more water than before because I really want to, not just because I should. Thank you for another wonderful product.

Another realization happened recently. One of my kids did something that in the past would have caused me to “lose it” but this time I didn’t. Why, I wondered?

I realized that because my life is in such a better place and so much less stressful because of you, that I am therefore much calmer in dealing with stressful situations! What a wonderful realization this was for me.

I can specifically see this with respect to cleaning. In the past, I did cleaning only when company was coming so I would therefore work for hours and would be exhausted and cranky by the time I was finished. How dare anybody touch what I just spent so long cleaning.

I honestly would get a sickening feeling the minute any mess happened-I knew how my nice, clean house was going to end up and I hated it but didn’t know how to stop it. Thanks to you, I do now and this feeling hasn’t happened in a long time.

Messes do not bother me as my routines and Weekly Home Blessing will take care of things. Thank you for the happiness, the peace you have brought into my life.


FlyLady here: Peace can happen in your life too! You have made the first step by joining our group. Why Not Today! Start now! Jump in where are are!


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