Hidden Treasures Is Life Changing

hidden treasures
By BrittanyThis book is incredible. It really teaches you, or reminds you at least, how important things are. It made me cry, in a good way and realized how much I can really enjoy my life. I will be 25 in a couple of months and live with my father who never throws anything away, so I completely understand.

I have been so overwhelmed in recent years because I’m the only one who helps and FlyLady and her inspiration are helping me to understand that perfect is overrated and I can do it alone 15 minutes at a time. I love my twin sister but she, like most people, gets excited and over does things and gets burnt out. She turned me onto FlyLady and I love it and wouldn’t doubt it for a minute that I would be miserable without it.

I’m glad this book was written to give people inside information that they are not alone and it has happened to many before them. It is never too late and you are never behind. Just jump in where you are!


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