Dryer Lint Kit and Duster Work Great

Dear FlyLady,

OK – I am one of those who never send testimonials – however today I received my “car duster” and “Dryer kit”. I had to admit I had an ulterior motive for purchasing both of them. Let me explain.

The car duster says it works on leather – I have leather furniture that always
seems dusty and dull. The dust I can take car of with the feather duster – but the dullness and the white spot that my FILs hair product always leaves on the back of the sofa when he sits there…even the special “leather wipes” I purchases wouldn’t really budge it. TheĀ  “car duster” on the other hand worked like a charm! Leather is lustrous, and the nasty white spot is GONE.

My daughter asked what it was – and I said its my leather furniture duster. Not sure if The Fly Crew will agree with my use of his duster – but I love it. The dryer kit – sure it works good on the dryer – but the flat, flexible vacuum
extension is what I really wanted. It boldly goes where no person has been able to vacuum before – under the stove, under the fridge, under the piano, behind my Thermal Storage Heater (what I found behind there was certainly a fire hazard!!!) The long flat bendy extension works just as I envisioned it would. Thanks Fly Crew for more great products!

A Happy FlyBaby!


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