The Machine is Eating You Alive

Dear Friends,

Here is my thought for the day. Our homes are like a big machine. When everything is running smoothly, we are fine and then all of a sudden a monkey wrench gets thrown into the gears and the machine starts to eat us alive! YOUR HOME AND THE CLUTTER IN IT IS KILLING YOU!

This clutter has a life of its own and as it grows it is slowly stealing yours. None of us are ever going to find any peace as long as we allow this clutter machine to play havoc on our happy little homes. We have all tried to organize our clutter! It doesn’t work. You can’t clean and have effective routines with clutter standing in your way. Let go of this and find your happiness. Yes, it is hard to let go of your stinking thinking to release items that you might use someday, but your home is not a junk yard, quit treating it as if it is a place to hold on to every single item you have or your parents have owned in your life.

It is not true that the person who dies with the most stuff wins. The only truth in this sentence if you turn it around is that the stuff is going to kill you!

You are never going to FLY unless you let go and start to declutter! Get the life-sucking machine out of your home once and for all. Rent a dumpster, do three 27 Fling Boogies a day as I did for 3 months, put things by the curb to give away, or drop things off at your local thrift store.

Let’s face it; we can never recover all the money we have spent on the stuff. It is lost forever. Get over it, forgive yourself for the spending and let this stuff bless someone else for a change instead of draining your life from you. The best part is that you are blessing yourself more by letting it go so you can find the peace you deserve.

Are you ready to declutter so you can FLY!!!!


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