I Was FLYing and Didn’t Even Know It

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been fluttering a long for some time now and often feel like I’m not really getting anywhere but today that all changed.

I got a call from my mom at 3pm saying she was going to be stopping by for a visit and I immediately flew into panic mode. I started looking around for messes to clean up and clutter to hide only to find there was none. My dishes were done, my sink was shiny, the laundry was going, there was no clutter, and the kids and I were showered and dressed to the shoes.

All I had to do was run the vacuum in the high traffic areas and turn on one of my wax warmers for ambiance and I was finished. The kids rooms were even clean and very organized from a snow day fling we did in their rooms that morning. All I can say is you are a God-send.

Thank you!


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