How Do You Get Your Children To Declutter?

House FairyDear FlyLady,

How do you get your children to rid themselves of toys they really don’t play with or need? My son is a packrat, and I can’t get him to rid himself of the clutter in his room. He is nine, and I try to go in there when he is at school and do a little at a time, but then three days later, he says, “Did you see my truck?” The one I just gave to Goodwill. Any suggestions?

A FlyBaby


Dear FlyBaby,

The best way to get your children to let go of their things is to get them involved with the process.

Pam Young has come up with the greatest idea for your babies. This is the best $15.00 you will ever spend on home organization. The House Fairy.

I love this testimonial for the House Fairy:

THANK YOU!!! My five-year-old had made a beeline for his room to clean
it at the first mention that the “house fairy” might come to visit. The next day, my ten-year-old organized all of her drawers and she hadn’t even received her introduction letter yet.

The House Fairy came to visit this week and although the children were disappointed that they hadn’t had time to clean up their entire rooms, they are determined to get things in shape.

The House Fairy even visited my hubby’s office and he was quite surprised himself. Hubby and kids are eager to not disappoint next week.

Thanks so much for being a positive encouragement for our family.



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