75% off The Phony Gourmet Cookbook

I received this from a reader who is going to have fun with Peggy’s and my cookbook. The great thing is, the hardback cookbook is in my clearance store for just $5 (that’s 75% off) so it’s a great time to buy!

Dear Pam,

I received my Phony Gourmet Cookbook today and you and Peggy put some great recipes in it! It’s going to be so handy to have. I use the internet a lot for my recipes, but I just love cookbooks!! LOL. You all are so creative and I especially like how simple the recipes are. I’m cooking more and more at home and it’s becoming something I look forward to instead on dreading. Your cookbook sure makes it look fun. And I’m going to make that pepperoni log cabin and the cream cheese snowman for a party hor’s d’oeuvres this holiday season!!

Best to you,

Rene Y.

The pepperoni log cabin is made from pepperoni sticks mortared together with cream cheese (the combination is very tasty) and the snowman is made from small rounds of bread covered with a cream cheese dip. It’s such a fun tray to place before your guests.

Oh, this makes me think about Christmas, I think I’ll build a fire….wait a minute it’s 96 degrees outside!

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