A Wonderful Way To Organize My Life

Dear Kind and Wise FlyLady,

 I’ve been fluttering for a couple of months, now. My bathroom has stayed clean throughout (LOVE the swish and swipe idea! It works!!) My control journal includes not only tasks, but reminders to take medication, when to give my pets their monthly dose of flea and heartworm preventative, when to change the furnace filters, etc. What a wonderful way to organize my life!
I’ve been sporadically doing 15 minute periods in my basement storage room and have cleared three 4’W x 4’D, x 2’H shelves for things that I actually do want to store! When I look at all that space I’m amazed at how little I actually wanted or needed to keep!
I spent three 15 minute periods in my kitchen (broken up over the day) today, and was actually able to scrub my kitchen counters! Now I really ‘get’ the shiny sink. When my 15 minute break is up, I’m heading back to the kitchen to shine it up!!
Bless your heart for cheering us on!!
Fluttering in Illinois



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