I Am Feeling Better


Dear FlyLady,

I cannot say thank you enough for the stainless water bottle. I bought myself one and my 8 year old DS.

Over the past few weeks we have been sick and using the water bottle has saved us from becoming dehydrated. I have a difficult time eating and drinking when I am really sick and in the past have spent hours at the hospital getting IV’s to rehydrate me. Well I am grateful to say having the water bottle I stayed hydrated, me of all people.

Our water bottles get tossed into our tote bags and we go to dr. apts, baseball
practice driving in the car, you name it we take it with. I have been drinking so much more water than I have in years. I am also exercising and feeling better than any of my dr.’s thought I would feel or ever be able to do.

So thank you for all your reminders and monthly goals. BabySteps are giving me my life that I thought was gone back.

FlyBaby Laura in Montana

FlyLady Here: With flu season just around the corner (and already hitting home for some of us), staying hydrated is especially important to staying healthy and well. Remember to refill your water bottle throughout the day!


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