Rehiding Hidden Treasures

Paddi P. Newlin’s Hidden Treasures  had such an impact on me that I reread it at least twice.  Using fiction to convey life’s truths is a time-honored craft of the best writers, and here we have it so close to home that I teared up more than once.  I am not the first reader who identified so strongly with these characters, and I know I won’t be the last.  In fact, I ensured it, at least for my copy of the book.
When a massive downsizing time became a necessary result of a stressful crisis in my life,  I was fortunate that it hit after several months of fluttering and decluttering.  It was still a difficult time,  but would have been so much worse if I hadn’t made such progress toward a more peaceful home.
One of the most emotionally challenging downsizing/declutterings for me was paring down a quite sizable book collection.  My bookshelves overflowed into stacks on coffee tables, nightstands, and the floor beside my bed.
Most of the books went to the local used book store, but one …
Inspired by the characters in Hidden Treasures,  I wrapped my copy in pretty paper, put a ribbon on it, and attached a card.  The card read, “Since you are now the owner of my favorite dresser, you deserve this wonderful book.  I hope it will mean something inspirationally powerful to you and that you might pass it on someday to someone special.”
Then i put the book in the back of the bottom dresser drawer and watched to see who would pick it out from the Moving Sale  ~” best offer by noon takes it”  on my front porch.
To my fellow Flybabies:  don’t wait to find your copy in an antique dresser or trunk: click online
and see for yourself why Hidden Treasures is as much of a treasure, as much of an inspiration, as any of the marvelous FlyLady tools and emails.
Relocated NC FlyBaby
P.S.  I brought all of my FlyLady tools to Kentucky with me and am spreading the FlyWord in my new state!


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