The Buck Stops with Me

Dear Friends,

I am not one who gets discouraged often. Reviews don’t bother me! Today however my app designer Michael seemed to get a little frustrated by the reviews on the app he worked on for eighteen months. I tend to get protective of my people.

I explained to him that he had built exactly what I asked him for and that the buck stops with me. He designed this app thinking about our goals for our website. I am very proud of what he has built. It is a message and reminder delivery system. In other words; a FlyWashing Application.

That’s when I went over to the iTunes app store and read our reviews. I probably should not have done that because then I started to cry until I read this one review.

Love it for what it does!

I was so excited for this app. Then, I read the reviews and rethought. But I downloaded it. This app does exactly what it is meant to do. It reminds you of the routines. Please don’t review it based on what you think it should be doing. Please don’t review it badly because it isn’t “perfect”. If you don’t need these reminders, then don’t download it. Her nephew has an app with the routines listed and checklists and it’s free… FlyLady gives us so much for free that I don’t mind paying a small amount for this.

I use both apps. They do different things. I have heard that apps are expensive to design. I don’t use Facebook and Don’t get the reminders from there to do things. I love that this resets each morning. I love that I don’t have to go to my email to check messages because I get sidetracked by the other messages. I like things simple and to the point because it makes my life easier. This app does that. It is a reminder app. This way you don’t have to keep checking your control journal.

Oh if the FlyLady does read this. Maybe You could put in some room rescue for five minutes or a quick fling mission game thrown in throughout the day. I would love that. Thank you for this app. Love it.


FlyLady here again.

Thank you for this review. You get my vision for this app. I wish others understood. We get sidetracked easily that is why I wanted one place to get our messages. So many times our email is blocked or lost in your spam folder. Out of sight out of mind. I wanted the notifications to get your attention for just two minutes. You are going to be so surprised at what two minutes can do in your life.

The FlyLady Plus App developed by my nephew Alex is FREE and it gives you the basics. Our FlyLady Messenger App gives you the behavior modification reminders.

Please keep me in your prayers. I don’t know why people have to be so mean. My granny always told me if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. I know better than to read reviews.Love y’all,


App Tips and a Video for you!


1. Turn on Notifications
2. On Messages; Slide to left to read the message
3. On Reminders; double TAP to Check a reminder off

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