Supply The Opposite

When you focus on what you are doing right, you won’t have time to put yourself down. It’s that simple. Emmet Fox is one of my favorite spiritual writers and he says in his little book “The Mental Equivalent,” “We practice the presence of God by seeing Him everywhere, in all things and in all people.” And he goes on to say, “The secret of successful living is to build up the mental equivalent that you want; and to get rid of, to expunge, the mental equivalent that you do not want.” The only way to stop a wrong thought is to supply the opposite.

You’ll see that’s exactly what Norma did.

Dear Pam,

For many years I was unable to accept how God had made me. I know the scripture about the pot not arguing with the Potter: it only added to my guilt. But, for the first time, I have peace with God and with myself because I am thankful I am not a BO who can’t rest until the piece of lint on the floor is picked up. I am creative and have a gentle spirit. I know that focusing on what I love to do and on joy will help me to live better in every area of my life.

THANK You so–much!!!
Norma C.

Norma is referring to what I wrote in The Joy of Being Disorganized. This book has totally changed the way I help SHEs! Over the 40 years that I’ve been helping SHEs get organized, I realized what we are all wanting is to feel better. If you’ve been trying or fluttering or whatever verb you want to use, my advice is to stop it. Surrender and give your mess up to God. That doesn’t mean you don’t shine your sink, or vacuum and dust, it means you stop putting yourself down and start focusing on what you love to do and appreciating all that you’re doing right.

Be thankful you have the ability to be in a mess! Until you read The Joy of Being Disorganized and begin celebrating your disorder, you’ll continue to try and flutter.

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