Are They Clutter?

Dear FlyLady,

I got my new water bottle a week or so ago and am excited to try it tomorrow when I go on an all-day landscape-painting excursion.

Meanwhile, can you tell me why it came with all of these extra loops/cords? They’ve been nesting on my “hot spot” dining room table because they don’t have a home.

What am I supposed to do with them? Maybe just pick my favorite color? Or do they break and need to be replaced from time to time? Part of me thinks I should throw them away, but I can’t imagine you would send me useless clutter, so I think there must be a purpose for them.

Many thanks,

FlyBaby Dianne


Dear Dianne,

You are so right. They do have a purpose! It is so that each person who gets a water bottle can pick out their favorite color loop to identify their water bottle. Many families buy one for each member. With the different color cords, there will be one that is just right for each person in the family.

I keep mine in the dishtowel drawer. I have used them for keys and other things I need a color coded loop on.

We now have two sizes of water bottles: 16 oz and 32 oz. Head on over to the FlyShop and keep cool this summer.


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