I Know Why You Have Paper Clutter

FlyLadyDear Friends,

October is a busy month for most of us. We are finally getting back into the swing of school and work routines. Vacation time has passed and we are looking forward to the holidays. Well at least some of us do. Many of us are dreading them because our homes are filled with mounds of paper clutter.

Paper has a way of making clean homes look messy. If we were to look around our rooms right now we would see some form of paper on every flat surface. Do you want to know what that says to me? It tells me that you have been making excuses.

Oh now I know your dirty little secret. You have been saying, “I don’t have time!” Those words are a wicked excuse for piling things like mail, dishes, and laundry. All we have to do is take those negative words and change them to; I do have 2 minutes. So from this point on when you hear your excuse of, “I don’t have time”, turn it around and do just two minutes.

As I am writing this I am taking my biggest excuse for not exercising and getting on the treadmill. This will be one of the habits that I am incorporating into my October Routines. It is time to start moving. I have a dear friend who is now running marathons. She started taking babysteps. Check out her blog sometime. http://tamifox.com She has been a FlyBaby for many years and now is encouraging homeschooling families around the world. She is a shining example to me. I hope that together we can help all families get rid of their paper clutter. The good Lord knows that homeschooling families have a lot of paper clutter. Tami will be working with our homeschooling familys.

Now let’s get back to our new habit for October. Our goal is to spend a few minutes each day getting rid of our paper clutter. Just start with one hot spot. Set your timer and go through the pile one small handful at a time. We are blessed to have a wood burning fireplace. That is where we put some of our paper clutter. We use it to kindle our fires. It is harder in the summer time because many days are too warm for a fire but it does get cool in the mountains of western North Carolina in the evenings and early morning. Now don’t start fussing at me! We recycle as much as possible.

If you don’t have a fireplace or firepit to dispose of those credit card applications and other privacy sensitive documents; then get a heavy duty shredder. This will help you to eliminate your paper. Just don’t feather dust it. LOL

So check out your piles of paper and let’s get started making those mountains crumble into molehills.  I know you can do this. I did! Let’s encourage each other! Send me your tips and testimonials to;  FlyLady@flylady.net with PAPER CLUTTER GONE in the subject line. Your testimonial may be one we send out. I am so proud of you for taking this challenge to gain control of your paper.


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