Are You Living on an Adrenaline High?

Dear Friends,

Since Robert retired seven years ago; we have not set an alarm clock. This morning we were startled awake by his cell phone announcing that he had received a voice mail. My insides are still quivering as I start my morning essay.

At first he thought his sister had called so he called her back. I think he woke her up too. It is funny now but at the time it was a bit upsetting to us both. He decided to just stay up. I needed to start my day all over by trying to go back to sleep. All I did was start writing my essay while I snuggled under the covers.

That call and the startle that hit me, made my adrenaline pump through my veins. This is an automatic response to fear. It is there to help us when we need to flee or pick up a car. Many of us live on a perpetual intravenous drip of adrenaline.

This morning that adrenaline made me nauseated. For many years prior to FLYing; I had lived on this adrenaline. I had forgotten that uneasy feeling of my insides quivering. For me an overload of adrenaline can cause me to faint. Since I found out that my own adrenaline can cause me to pass out; I have practiced staying calm. I have learned how to calm myself when something upsets me.

The first thing I do is recognize what is happening to me by asking myself questions.
1.    Am I angry?
2.    Did that scare me?

The second action I take is to slow down my breathing.
1.    I breathe in; I love
2.    Then I breathe out; my-self.

The third action I take is to put on some calming music.
1.    I have a playlist that is just for this purpose. Classical pieces Robert put together for me.
2.    As I listen to the music; I count my blessings.

The best thing I ever did to eliminate excess adrenaline was to establish simple habits and string them into routines. My routines keep me calm. You can have this peace too. What is funny is that I didn’t know that I used to be addicted to my own adrenaline.

It was only after I found peace in my life that I recognized that the adrenaline was making me sick. Adrenaline is not a bad thing but too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Just try eating a whole chocolate cake.

We push ourselves too hard for no reason. We are our own worst enemy. Or shall I say; perfectionism is what pushes us. Please slow down and enjoy the journey. Getting in a hurry is not going to get you there any faster!

I want for you what I have; the peace that comes from my simple habits! Please take my hand. You deserve to have a calm life. Now go shine your sink and take your time.


I knew you would ask for the playlist Robert made for me. Here is a picture of it.  It is meant to be played from track 1 through track 11. The last piece is so beautiful. It is the only track with vocals. If you are still awake by this time you just need to sing along.

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