Clog Prevention with Zones

Dear Flylady,

I purchased the Clog Cannon and I can’t tell you how wonderful this product is! When I saw it on your website, I thought it made so much sense, and I was right.

I no longer have any clogged sinks or a garbage disposal in the kitchen. Each time I’m in a zone that has a sink or drain, I use the Clog Cannon as part of my routine, and we always have free-flowing drains. Though the Clog Cannon has attachments for both sinks and toilet, I intend to buy a separate one for the toilets, for obvious reasons, and get rid of those messy, ugly retro plungers.

This is truly a unique and ingenious item to have in your store and I thank you for your perseverance to bring FlyLady followers such great products that are durable and fashionable!



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