Dryer Repair Tech Hires the Rubba Scrubba

Dear FlyLady,

I just had to write and tell you that a small army of your Rubba Scrubbas have been hired by a local appliance repair company. They will be accompanying all the Repair Technicians in their daily rounds to help clean out dusty appliances. They have to report for duty just as soon as I receive my order.

How did this happen?? Here’s the story…

Last week, I noticed a burnt smell when I was running my dryer. I made
an appointment with a friend who owns an appliance repair/service company.

But then I spotted my Dryer Cleaning Kit, and remembered the emails you send – and I thought, maybe the problem is just the lint, and I can do this myself. So I went to town with the kit and the trusty sidekick, the Rubba Scrubba. Sure enough, I got out all kinds of lint.

So I tried the dryer again – but the burnt smell was still there – okay, I thought – it must be a “real” problem – and I’d leave it for my friend the repairman.

Well, he came today and found the problem – my outlet and plug have
gone bad and were starting to cook – hence the burnt smell.

In the meantime, he opened the back of the dryer and was starting to clean out the part of the dryer that I could not get to with the Lint Kit. As he started to work, I handed him the Rubba Scrubba to use and went back to making dinner.

Well, he comes out of my laundry room and wants to know WHERE DID I
GET THIS WONDERFUL BRUSH? I said on Flylady.net. Flywhat? he asked.

He just thought that the Rubba Scrubba was the greatest thing. It was able to get in all the corners and get out the caked-on lint and dust around the wires and everything. Now he wants one for all of his service guys to use.

Of course, I had to give him my RS (don’t worry, I have a spare!)  He immediately put it in his toolkit, right alongside the pliers and wrenches and other tools.

So, not only did your tools and reminders help me save my dryer and house (the bad outlet would have started a fire) but now our little purple brushes are joining the commercial workforce!

Thank-you all so much for everything!

FlyBaby K in VA


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