Reminders Make Us Smarter

FlyLady Dear Friends,

Many of you want peace and you want it NOW! I am here to tell you that this peace does not come all at one time. But if you will begin right this minute and commit to keeping your sink clean and shiny, I believe with all my heart that this peace will show up sooner than later.

We live in an instant gratification society. You know that feeling of posting a picture on Facebook or Instagram and waiting for the likes to appear or checking the comments every two minutes. Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong. My sweet darling gave me this quote many years ago from his Geometry teacher.

I know in our perfectionism we don’t understand this. We were taught to always do things right or not do them at all. The actions of doing SOMETHING is much better than nothing. We can learn from our mistakes. What we have been doing is evidently not working or you would not still be reading our messages. I know you want to find this peace.

When I first started to get organized; I made an elaborate Control Journal! It could not be contained in a 4 inch thick three ring binder. It probably weighed five pounds. I even made a zip-up cover for it. I was OCD about it. I spent more time on building it than I did doing things in the house. In other words I was talking the talk and not walking the walk. You might say I loved the idea of an organized home and I was lying to myself.

I guess that is the real definition of insanity; believing your own lies. I had to make this big mistake so I could warn you about this pitfall. My Control Journal has evolved into a simple Control Journal; handwritten on notecards in a 4×6 tiny photo album. This is one of the reasons I made a Control Journal for you; so you would not obsess like I did.

It all started with Post-it Note reminders on my bathroom mirror and kitchen window. This is what we have to do to get our own attention. I remember putting a note on my dashboard to remind me to fasten my seatbelt. Yes I am old enough that I remember when it became a law.

Needing reminders does not make us stupid; just the opposite. We are smart enough to realize we need their help. I love getting the reminders again on my smart phone. I am so happy I set them up on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t have a smart phone; you can use a Google Calendar and have the reminders pop up on your desktop or tablet. We have a list of reminders in the Flight Plan that comes into your inbox each evening. We also have an App for iPhone that has reminders.

It could take a few minutes to set them up but I think they will help you and worth spending a little time today to do this. Another way to get our reminders if you have a smart phone is to sign up for our Twitter account.

I want for you what I have! Peace!


Which reminds me! Do you have a pink Post-It Note up to remind you to make an appointment for your mammogram.

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