Clog Cannon and The Vacuum

Dear Flylady,

I just wanted to let you know that the clog cannon saved the day today!

It wasn’t a blocked sink or a gunky drain… the problem was my vacuum cleaner. It wasn’t picking up when I used the hose attachment on the stairs (the fact I was even vacuuming the stairs on a regular basis is something I have to thank you for anyway!), and I suspected there was a blockage somewhere. DH and I took it apart in the bathroom this evening to try and find the problem. Each section seemed fine, until DH suggested I drop something through the hose to check it was clear all the way down. It wasn’t.

Well, we unravelledĀ  a wire hanger and tried poking it around, but only little bits of clump were coming out, and the wire wouldn’t go all the way through the hose section. Then I had a brainwave. The clog cannon! Could it? Would it? One of the attachments fit the end of the hose perfectly, the children and dog were banished and we put a plastic bag over the end to catch anything that came out. BOOM! One blast of the clog cannon and the compacted dust shot out the end – with such speed that it burst a hole in the bag!

Result = one cleared vacuum cleaner!

Thanks for a great, versatile tool
Bea, Fluttering in the UK


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