Inspired By My Son

Did your kids ever get into the Band–Aid box? When my son, Michael, was three, he loved to open them and stick them on his arms and legs. I figured it was an inexpensive diversion and even took a box for a long car trip. One of the poems I wrote in “Lettuce Bee Silly” was inspired by Michael.

Here’s a note I received from a mom who bought the book for her kids. It’s cute.

Howdy Pam,

Just a note to tell you how much my three kids (4, 6, 8) love your book! It’s just the right size for their little hands and when it came, Alexis (4) assumed it was hers. LOL! The older ones are used to sharing and thought it was funny. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful and Jesse (8) really gets the humor in them. Jake (6) wants his own! That’s why I ordered another one.

Thank you for entertaining my children.
Sincerely, Meredith

The book has 20 poems with illustrations in full color and it’s for children 3 through 103.

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