Clutter Steals Your Money

Dear Friends,

Do you ever wonder why there is never enough money to do the things that need to be done? Years ago I used to, until I read a couple of books by  Suze Orman; The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom and The Courage to be Rich. These books help to change my attitude about money and the way I treat it.

Yes you can treat money badly. Here are some of the ways we don’t do  right by our money.

We don’t respect it! I can hear you now, yes I do. I just don’t have enough of it.

1. You wad it up and put it in your pockets, the side pockets of your purse, change dropped into the bottom of your purse. You wash it with the dirty clothes. I have watched my husband. When he gets cash from the bank, he put it all the same direction and descending order of denomination into his wallet. His wallet is very thin and only has drivers license and 1 credit card.

2. When was the last time you balanced your bank statement to see if the bank had made any mistakes.

3. Do you keep a check register? If not, how to you keep up with your

4. Do you buy things on whim? Yard sales, a dollar here and a dollar there. It is just a dollar, What is a dollar anyway! Well Suze teaches us that we might as well tear that dollar in half and throw it away, if we are going to waste it on things we will never use and end up tossing in the long run.

5. Do you know where all of your savings accounts are? Pass books, Retirement accounts from previous jobs, annuities, IRAs, Savings bonds, Certificates of Deposit, whole life insurance policies, stocks and other bonds. Can you put your hand on these? When was the last time you looked at your self worth.

6. What does your office look like? Is it piled to the ceiling, do you have trouble finding anything at all on your desk. Has your desk become the graveyard for every piece of paper that comes into your home?

When I read Suze’s Books, I started to declutter my home. She tells us that when we start to respect our money and use it for good that we will be blessed. I never dreamed that a book on finances would deal with the clutter in our lives.

She give specific instructions for bringing more money into your life and it starts with this respect of what you already have. One of her first assignments is to Clean out your desk and get your office decluttered.

Many of you are trying to run a business from home. This almost impossible if your office is in chaos. This also goes for trying to home school your children in the midst of chaos. With this chaos invading your peace of mind, I am surprised you have been able to do things as well as you have. I think that it is because we are SHEs and are able to think quick on our feet. This lifestyle is very stressful. I want you to find this peace, and with it, you will have the benefit of more respect for your money.

Here is what happened to us. As I started to declutter our home, one room at a time, we noticed that we had more buying power with our money. I am not saying we had more income, but we had more money to take care of things. Mother was ill at the time and we had to take over paying her bills for 8 months until we could sell her home. As a result of the decluttering, I quit buying stuff at yard sales, auctions, and department stores. I was giving new homes to items that I no longer loved and blessing others with our excess. We learned that we could actually live on half of our income when we cut back on eating out and only buying things we love and truly need. It was so strange, the cleaner our home became, the more money we seemed to have.

We are so blessed to have exactly what we need. You can be blessed by this too. The other night we ate Chinese Food and we got fortune cookies afterwards. My fortune gave me the answer to where the money is coming from.

If you continually give, you will continually have.

I am blessed by all of you. Thank you so much for your prayers and
good wishes. Your support keeps our messages free for everyone!

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