Desperately Needed A Change

Dear FlyLady,

Page 91 in Hidden Treasures summed up my life and inspired me!  I’ve had my gas turned off, my health insurance canceled, and more late fees than you can add up. Not because I didn’t have the money to pay my bills but because my bills were in a mound of paper clutter for weeks or even months at a time. My house has looked neat and tidy since I began with you 9 months ago but my bills have stayed in CHOAS.

I desperately needed a change. With your system I am getting rid of old bills to make room to put current bills.  This makes my new routine of opening the mail and filing each item in the “to be paid” hanging baskets easy. This has not become a true habit yet only because I’ve only just started, but at least I have begun! I am looking forward to being inspired this month with your daily encouragement to continue this practice and make this routine a true daily habit!

Thank you for your inspiration!

California flybaby

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