Mousse in Almost a Minute

I just got up off the floor from laughing at this email I received from a good friend, whom I’ve known for years. I had to share it with you, in the hopes it’ll tickle your funny bone (wherever that is). I keep telling her she should write a book!

Hey Pam, How’s everything going? I thought of you when this happened, hence the email. Jim and I were on vacation and we were at this fancy restaurant that was both delicious and intimidating. When the waiter described the specials he used fancy words that I never really understood and never do, you know. And you know Jim and me, we’re  box winers and that wine book they put on the table is always good for a laugh! So Jim’s in the mood to be fancy and he’s looking through the book at all the wines and champagnes and he orders a bottle of Fontodi Flaccianello della Pieve Colli della Toscana Centrale 2005. Well, it was delicious as well as the Italian food we picked…BUT when the bill came we were stunned! It was $558.47!! That’s when we saw that the Fontodi was $325.00! At least we now know how the rich eat! (Jim thought the bottle was $32.50!) I keep telling him he’s gotta get bi-focals!  Arrgh Hey, we really were treated nicely! LOL

Cheers, Carry

Reading Carry’s email made me think about “The Phony Gourmet” cookbook Peggy and I wrote. In it I tell about serving one of my recipes (“Mousse in Almost a Minute”) which is a melted Hershey bar slowly folded into whipping cream whipped, to a chef from a four-star restaurant in Oregon. He wanted the recipe! He thought it was the best mousse he’d tasted in a long time.

The Phony Gourmet is in my clearance store for just $5. You save $10! And you’ll have to try “Mousse in Almost a Minute.”
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