Traveling With The FlyLady Calendar

Hi FlyLady & Crew,

I just had to write to tell you about what I did with my FlyLady Calendar: I took in on our Maui vacation!

Oh, not the whole thing…just the top page, the first 2 weeks in July! (Good thing the pages are perforated.) It is very easy to lose track of the date when on vacation & I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss the Old Lahaina Luau, (which I LOVED!) or our dinner cruise because we didn’t have a way to keep track of the time!

DH was not surprised that I brought it with me (which I thought was funny) This is probably my 5th FlyLady calendar & he knows that if something important is coming up it needs to go on the calendar. I even keep our bills that need to be paid clipped to the calendar! (No more late fees because we misplaced a bill!)  And because I have the magnet clips, I just clipped the page back into place when we got home. (I guess I could have photocopied the page, but it didn’t fit on our scanner.)

Thanks so much for selling such a great calendar. I obviously can’t leave home without it LOL!

BC, Canada


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