She Was Right

Dear FlyLady,

Okay. I need to learn that lesson about PUTTING THINGS AWAY WHEN YOU’RE DONE.

But thank goodness another FlyBaby spilled paint and cleaned it up with the purple rags or I would NEVER have tried it. I was still late to work, but I got all the paint off my vinyl laundry floor.

Most of a nearly new quart of DARK DARK green. It was latex but it was a mess, and it was on my feet so there were footprints into the kitchen where the purple rags live. And by the time I cleaned it up and then cleaned ME up again, I was late to work. But the cleanup was possible, and the rags came out of the washer with no trace of green. I even carried one into the shower to clean my feet. LOL

Thanks for the amazing rags!

FlyBaby M.



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