Unclogging a Barn Drain

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been following you for years!

Recently I decided to give some of your products a try, and among them was the clog cannon. I’ve had this pesky clog in our barn milk room sink. Due to the variety of critters in our barn, eventually all kinds of things are washed down the drain.

From time to time it drains slowly, but it eventually unclogs itself. Until this year. Every night it drained so slowly, causing me to lose my patience. Then, voila, I received your email about the clog cannon being available again.

We received it yesterday and I brought it in the milk room while my DH was cleaning up this morning. It looked too small to do the job he said. After two blasts, however, he changed his mind! He apologized for being skeptical; after all, the drain was emptying very quickly like it should now.

I think this little gadget could clear just about anything out of a pipe after accomplishing the Herculean task of unclogging a barn drain. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my DH sends his hearty congratulations on a well-made product!

FLYing in upstate New York,


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