Hidden Treasures Spoke to My Soul

hidden treasures
LOVED…LOVED…LOVED this wonderful book. I ordered it for my Kindle and last night I read it all n one sitting! If there was a rating higher than 5, I would have used it!Though I am not married, and don’t have any children, I am clutter bound and living in dis-order. It all started when I was diagnosed with cancer and went through all the treatments. I was not myself for a couple of years and when I moved into my new apartment after being transferred to a new office, I never got settled in. My place still looks like I just moved in and I am really good at moving stacks of junk from one side of the room to another. It’s been so long now, it is more habit and discouragement than anything else that keeps me from starting in.

I have followed FLY Lady for years and have started and stopped over and over again. “Hidden Treasures” spoke to my soul. I laughed and cried…I giggled and held my breath. I wanted to have a friend like Susan. To have some one who truly KNEW what it was like from the very beginning! Believe me, only a couple of people have ever been inside my home in three years and that was very reluctantly! I still cringe when maintenance makes their quarterly inspection visits.

I realized that even though I have never thought of myself as a perfectionist (If I was, would I have ever let my life get like this?), I want everything done now! I don’t need to have everything done now. It is a journey that begins with one (baby) step…Shine my sink! So, I did! Now I have a plan laid out and steps written down on my FLYLady calendar! 15 minutes once or twice a day and I will conquer my clutter! Next step is my control journal. and beyond! All because of this magical little, beautifully written book!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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