You Are So Loved Just The Way You Are

Have you ever wondered how another person can know you so well, without really knowing you personally? Sally from Texas wrote to ask me how I know her so well. It’s really because we SHEs are one when it comes to running our homes and being on top of everything. Here were her questions. They made me smile.

Pam Young,

I’m curious! Do you have my house bugged? Do you sneak around my house, car, purse, yard, and barn? How do you know so much about me? Is Flylady your sister? Do you make house calls in Texas?

Probably doesn’t matter, the bottom line is you have helped me know myself and what an ongoing adventure it is! Somewhere you wrote: “bless your short-comings for they are to help you grow in an understanding of you and your connection to God.” What a wise one you are my friend.

Thank you~ A Happy Texas Mess Maker

Sally didn’t mention my book The Joy of Being Disorganized, but in it, I wrote a lot about being thankful for your disorder. My prayer is that you get organized just enough to please you! You are so loved just as you are.


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