New Shower Rag

Dear FlyLady,

 I am new to flying – tried in the past but it never stuck. I’m now out of work and finally have the time to do this.
I’ve heard so many things about these “amazing” rags. I admit I was skeptical. A converted skeptic is the best advocate!!
We have glass showers and every morning, after our morning showers, we use a squeegee on the glass, then dry it with a towel. Takes a while to dry the glass that way, but its much easier than trying to clean the water spots later.
This morning, I decided to try out one of your rags and dried the shower glass with it. What usually takes about 5 minutes was done in about 15 seconds. I was amazed. The rags dried the glass quickly and with a single wipe across any area. No lint, no streaks and so easy!!!
Thank you, FlyLady, for everything you do for use FlyBabies!

Flying in Spring, TX


FlyLady Here: I always keep a purple rag in my bathroom!



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