The Smallest Pencil

 2017 calendarDear FlyLady,

Thank you so much for your wonderful website and resources. You are really a blessing.

I’ve been FLYing only for the past few months and already feel an immense difference.

I used to blame the clutter in our house upon the size of the house, no. of rooms, lack of time, etc until we moved into a teeny-weeny flat and realized even that house did not ‘feel” clean or organized.

I’m now realizing the clutter is in my mind – its more a mentality problem that translates to a physical one around me.

Your resources have helped tackle that by breaking it down simple steps.

Your calendar is a big help with so much space to unburden our minds and free it up for other things.

My pastor remarks the smallest pencil is better than the strongest memory and your calendar helps in just that!

Really, I used to think I could never keep a home clean but am beginning to gain confidence gradually.

Thank you so much for helping me clear my home, therefore my priorities.

Your life-changing help will definitely be part of the precious family inheritances that will be passed on to my daughter – I was always worried (though she’s just 3.5 years old!) how she was gonna struggle with housekeeping if I was so bad at it.

Thank you so much for giving all this to us free of charge.

Much love,

FlyLady here: I love what Esther’s pastor said, “the smallest pencil is better than the strongest memory and your calendar helps in just that!”

One of the best ways to keep from feeling overwhelmed is knowing what is on your schedule.

Do you have a good family calendar? You can order one from the FlyShop today.


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