Getting A Cleaning Rag Dirty

Hi there!

I hope all of you out there in FLY-Land are doing well.

I just wanted to tell you about my door. I never really payed attention to the door before joining FlyLady. I have started washing it (when it’s not freezing outside) at the beginning of the month when it comes up. Since I started washing my door, I’ve noticed that the bottom half is splotchy and a lighter blue than the top.

No matter how many times I washed it or what kind of soap I used, it never went away. I didn’t pay it much mind, though, as most of my neighbors in the little duplex apartments that I live in have the same problem. I assumed it was fading caused by the sun or something.

Well, the other day I was outdoors rinsing off the car with one of those pretty purple rags. Since the car had already been washed, the rag wasn’t dirty and I decided to wipe down the door because I was in the vicinity. At the top of the door I just got dust.

Imagine my shock when I got to about the middle of the door and the rag started to turn light blue! I wasn’t even using soap, just water. I worried a bit about ruining my nice purple rag with blue splotches, but then immediately chided myself for worrying about getting a cleaning rag dirty.

My door is now a nice medium blue from top to bottom. (Oh, and whatever that light blue stuff was washed right out. The rag is still pretty and purple.)

Thanks again for the great products.

FlyBaby D

On the FLY in Japan.


FlyLady here: The Purple Rags in a Bag are great! You use them and then wash them, hang them to dry and then use them again. No more paper towels to buy and throw away.


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