Nothing Is Wrong With Me

Hi Pam and Peggy,

I think I may have been one of the first SHE’s to buy your original book when it went national. Until then, I was a young homemaker depressed and desperate. Why couldn’t I learn to keep house? Why wasn’t it natural? My mother had been a BO Perfectionist who had always expected me to do things her way but I always seemed to do things the wrong way and she always complained because I never met her expectations. The negativity from my upbringing followed me into adulthood.

Then I saw your 2 beautiful faces on TV. Dear sisters who lived life the way I wanted to. Get the work done and then have fun! Life should have some joy and creativity in it! Over the years I bought everything you put out.

Then, very late one sleepless night I found FlyLady on the Internet. She had worked out a way of using your system without having so many 3×5 cards….maybe I could too? By that time I had some breathing and heart problems and hadn’t done any real cleaning or dusting for months. Depression had returned, but I got my cards out, reworked and decluttered them and started doing things 15 minutes at a time. Wow……my family was stunned! “You are up and about?” “You’re using that timer?”  “You are only doing this for 15 minutes? How can you get anything done?” “Why are you on that FlyLady website all the time?”  “You were on your treadmill AND the exercise bike?” “You are going to work out in the yard with that timer too?” I was back in action!

The one thing I had not picked up from your system originally was to finally love myself. I needed to learn that somehow that was possible after the growing up years of being told I was wrong all the time. And I did learn that, after being FLYwashed. I was okay deep inside myself! Now my house is filled with only what I love. My memories are good ones and I can enjoy time with my daughter’s little boy who is seven and the joy of my life.

As the years have gone on I have had some problems with my husband, but FlyLady says that sometimes when a SHE gets her act together the things that the chaos has been hiding, emerge. And this has been true for me. But I know I can’t change him and I am okay because one big thing has changed for me. Once again I’m saved by the Sidetracked Sisters and their dear friend Marla. I now have a deep love for myself. I know I am a worthy person, filled with love, both for myself and others. I am okay and doing what’s right for me! I have survived and I will continue, but now I know I am constructive, creative, and filled with a great joy. I love me and I love life! I have an inner child too, and she is a sweetie who has helped me all along. She is stubborn, thank God!

Thank you both so much for helping me make my life the best it can be. You are lifesavers!

With all my love,
Jo in Massachusetts

Pam here:  Peggy and I had no clue we would touch so many lives and to include Marla with her message to love yourself. I have loved how Marla filled in that blank. Peggy and I were adored by our mother and even though she was a BO she praised all that we did. We didn’t write about loving yourself, because we thought everyone did! In my latest book, The Joy of Being Disorganized, my main theme is focused on loving and appreciating who you are, just the way you are.

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